The Road to LVL Up Expo - Get on Board the HYPE TRAIN (02/12/2018)

The Story:

Back in July of 2017, the world's largest fighting game tournament was happening, Evo. All members of TeamSPAH tuned in to watch as the best of the best compete. The Hype was intense, and TeamSPAH was watching intensely. This was the first time that I (AgentSeals) watched the entire tournament. I jumped on the "HYPE TRAIN" and did not get off. Little did I know SirThugsALot1 was onboard too. We did not know that we both loved fighting games until watching this tournament.

I did not want the "Hype Train" to reach the its' last stop. So, I kept tuning into the Injustice 2 Pro tournament throughout the year. But, It was doing nothing for me. Not until Evo Japan 2018, when SirThugs and I kept watching the best of the best compete, the "Hype Train" gained it momentum again. Everyone at TeamSPAH has been talking about fighting games and getting back into them.

Then, SirThugs sent a group message. That message contained a link to the LVL UP EXPO in Las Vegas. After clicking it and checking it out, I see that there is a tournament going on. Instantly we all said let's go.


The Event:

For those that don't know, because we didn't know either, LVL UP EXPO is a video game, anime, technology, and comic convention. The event will be happening the Las Vegas Convention center during May 4th - 6th. And there are going to be a whole bunch of nerds going to Vegas to watch some panels and buy stuff.


What TEAMSPAH Will Be Doing There:

With the "Hype Train" consuming me. I will be going to compete and hone my skills in Street Fighter V. This will be my first major tournament I will be competing in. It has already pushed me to train harder in SFV. I have learned things and concepts that I never knew existed. 

As for the others, each person is going there for a different reason. NoNikName is going for the anime because he hasn't been able to train in Super Smash Bros Wii. SirThugsAlot1 is going for the anime, and hoping to compete in Dragon Ball FighterZ (if they add that), and maybe to compete in SFV. As for Jquan, I think he is going to just kick it with his friends and because it's Vegas. But we all are going to hang out with friends.

I will Keep y'all posted on my Street Fighter V progress. As well as, our adventure on the HYPE TRAIN!